BEAN THERE  Anish Kapoor’s sculpture “Cloud Gate” is covered in snow on March 5, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. The worst winter storm of the season was expected to dump 7-10 inches of snow on the Chicago area.  (Photo: Brian Kersey / Getty Images via NBC News)


My Red Homeland, 2003 by Anish Kapoor

this work replicates the role of the artist - in this enormous circular sculpture, a large motorised steel blade slowly cuts a course through 25 tons of red wax, endlessly dissecting and re-shaping it into new forms.


Selfie with Anish Kapoor at the High Museum in Atlanta


Mark Chadwick - Acrylic Fluid Painting 61, 2012      Paintings: Acrylics


The view of Central Park from the Upper West Side

My mother told me that you can’t cure depression,
that taking pills wouldn’t fix me and taking six
instead of the prescribed two definitely wasn’t
going to speed up the process. But I met a boy
who tasted better than Prozac. He made it easier
to get out of bed. He kissed me like I was
alive, like I wasn’t empty, like maybe there was
something left inside me. He made my bones
ache less when he touched me. He made it okay.
When my world was crashing down around me,
he picked up all the pieces. When I stopped
breathing and tried to tear open my wrists to
find the last little bits of happiness left in my
veins, he was there to lace me back together.
But he left and I haven’t washed my hair in three
weeks. My mother was right.

I met a boy who tasted better than Prozac (via extrasad)


the worst thing ever is when you can feel someone getting bored with you

(Source: studip)


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 Chlorophyllous   2014 


J.K. Rowling   2014 

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